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We have found a new spot for the store!

by John MacBeath Watkins

Twice Sold Tales is staying in Ballard!

We've reached an agreement with the International Order of Odd Fellows local chapter to rent the retail space in the front of the Odd Fellows Hall at 17th and Market. Our new address will be 1708 N.W. Market St. We take possession in January, and begin the arduous task of moving thousands of books and scores of shelves.

As some of you know, the building the store is now in will be torn down to be replaced by something much taller, an apartment building with about 170 units. We were told to be out by March 31, but we are now planning to be out by the end of February.

Being a bookstore, we have little money, so any volunteer help moving would be welcome! Just send us an email at twicesoldtalesud@gmailcom if your're interested. We live in hopes that we will never have to move again!

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