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A brief history of my obsession with plagues

by Jamie Lutton

The last few weeks I have been watching the news about eight hours a day. watching Covid 19 spread around the world, the mounting numbers of the dead,and watching doctors begging for medical supplies, to mostly deaf ears. Learning about what a horrible illness and  death it was. And that no one took the warnings from China seriously.
Like Malcolm in Jurassic Park. I hate it when I am right.  I am horrified twice over, once for the world, my nation, and my city, But also that I saw it coming, and  I said little as I did not think anyone would believe me. This all goes back to when I quit reading SF books for fun. Back in the early eighties, when I was half way through college, I had gone on a history kick, reading about history books that year, besides my school work..I am a speed reader, so I could read a book every day or every two days. 
Got interested in ancient and medieval history, first off. Several of the books became personal favorites, ones I would re-read.
A chap…

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