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Trump's denials about his sex life must be taken with a pillar of salt

by John MacBeath Watkins

Jonathan Chait, writing in New York magazine, has invented the term "peeliever" for those who believe the notorious "pee tape" of President Trump watching hired prostitutes pee on each other on the bed that President Obama and his wife had slept on during their visit to Moscow.

There's plenty of levity about this, and a twitter hashtag for  . But the tape isn't the main problem, and the matter has serious implications.

We know that two women say that they have been paid to keep their silence about having sex with Donald Trump. Steve Bannon, formerly a top aide to Trump in the campaign and the White House, claims there were "a hundred." I think we can safely say with some confidence that the number of women who have been paid for their silence is somewhere between two and infinity.

And Trump has also used non-disclosure agreements extensively in his business dealings and with his White House staff. The number of pe…

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