Most popular posts of 2013

by John MacBeath Watkins

Looking back over the past year, the surprising thing is that our most popular posts on this blog tended not to be about books.

In order of popularity:

1) The conspiracy of god, the well-intentioned lie, and the strangeness of being human 

A speculation on the roots of religious belief, part of the series on the strangeness of being human.

2) Stateless income, global capital, and the death of empires (Rethinking liberalism part 11)

How global capital undermines the world political system.

3) Left-handed darkness

About prejudice against the left-handed.

4) Be careful who you are: More on the strangeness of being human

A eulogy to a remarkable woman, and a note on how she'll live on.

 5)Lateen rig, or crab-claw? Building Meerkat, a very small catboat 

 I ended up building the crab-claw rig, which I then gave my sister for her dinghy.

6) The power of forbidden words and the imposition of order

 Another in the series of posts on the strangeness of being human.

7) An easy-to-build alternative to the Blanchard Junior Knockabout

The Blanchard Junior Knockabout is the mainstay of the fleet at the Center for Wooden Boats, especially for teaching sailing, but these boats date back to the 1930s and '40s, and it's getting difficult to maintain them. I propose a stitch & glue alternative that tries to keep the look and feel of the older vessels.

8) Meeting The Goddesses of Kunyang, Okinawa

Marjory Watkins's account of meeting a living goddess.

9) Used e-books: Threat or menace? Publishing in the twilight of the printed word continued

 In which Amazon proposes to sell new copies of e-books as used, while destroying another e-copy of the book.

10) We should prepare for future meteor strikes

 Just what it says.




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