Reading about Forgotten Crimes, in the book Forgotten Crimes

by Jamie Lutton

Now I will reveal why I don't post that much. I am reading before publication, and offering remarks, on a book about the history of Genocide. This will take a lot of my time till the book is published at the end of the year.

This book is pretty personal for me, as the long arm of Eugenics reached into my own life, and the lives of people who influenced me.

The book I am reading recently, that I recommend very strongly, is Forgotten Crimes by Suzane, E. Evans. Published in 2006, this book documents the savage treatment by the German medical system, well before the rise of the Nazis, of persons who the medical system there deemed inferior. This treatment included forcing persons to be sterilized, and, later, murdering them. This was done in the name of 'racial hygiene', a concept that persists in modern medicine, and still persists in medical attitudes towards persons with disabilities today.

The author gives documented examples in her book.

Persons included people born deaf, born blind, with manic depression, dwarfism, or children that just looked frail.

I will come back to this post, later, when I have time. I also run a bookstore, and have to wait on people. But do pick this book up.

There is a old Latin saying, that I will translate, before I sign off. "Who will guard the guardians?". Who decides who dies? And when the medical profession goes down this path, and starts to kill the "useless" people, who decides gets on that list?

And who is useless? Steven Hawkings? Helen Keller? Me?

signing off on April 12, 2010 11 am