Building Meerkat, a very small catboat, continued

by John MacBeath Watkins

Life keeps getting in the way, but I'm making progress. At this point, I've got all the panels and all the bulkheads I need. There are lots of fiddly bits to make, but I decided I couldn't wait, and stitched some panels together tonight.

Stitch them together, and you start to get the rocker and shape of a boat:

The hollow in the ends of the garboards is what this boat has instead of a curved stem. These should fold up nicely into a plumb stem, as illustrated in our first Building Meerkat post.

Just to keep our goal in view, I suppose I should reference the plans in each of these posts. Tomorrow, I'm off to the mainland to buy some books, and I'll have to do a fair amount of cataloging once I've done that, but I'm determined to get this boat done before the weather turns.

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