Ballard store is a couple weeks away

by John MacBeath Watkins

Edited to add: Looks like we'll be opening Nov. 7, this Thursday.

For those of you waiting eagerly for the Ballard store to open, I'm working hard on it. The contractor, understandably, is focused on getting Bauhaus Coffee, which I'm subletting from, open first. They've got most of the work done, and the chairs and table are in. I think Bauhaus is about a week away from opening, and I'm hoping to open a week after they do.,

The workmen are still using my space for storing stuff and working with their table saw, so I can't install the shelves yet. I've been pricing like a madman, and I've got most of the stock ready to throw on shelves. I've still got to move the on-line store (and myself) from Vashon, but things are coming together rapidly.