The Impossibility Theorem

File:Moebius strip.svg

by John MacBeath Watkins

I’m sitting on the edge of my world
waiting for Columbus to come
waiting for the seeker of some secret shore 
to cast me a line and draw me close once more. 

We were parallel lines 
born never to meet
 until we ran into each other on this Mobeus street. 

Now I with all my mind 
cannot divine the final Pi 
but the laws the numbers live by
have long divided you and I. 
That world of liquid crystals
has seen unreason in our sins 
and with a clashing of its symbols
sought to bring its logic in. 

‘I divorced old barren reason’
 wise old Khayyam said 
and she showed up on our doorstep
where her lonely logic led. 
At    Pythagoras’ insistence 
she restored our perfect distance 

so I’m sitting on the edge of my world 
waiting for Columbus to come 
listening to the death of my words
 toppling off the tip of my tongue.

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