If economists formed motorcycle gangs...

by John MacBeath Watkins

If economists formed motorcycle gangs, the Real Business Cyclists would be roving gangs who look for Keynesians to beat up.

Keynesians would be notorious for dealing in stimulants.

The Free Riders would be renegade public-policy economists.

Hard-money hawks would call themselves the Bank's Angels, and would ride only German motorcycles. They would all have "1%" tattoos, symbolizing their inflation target. The mythological symbol on their patch would be a harpy.

The colors for monetarists would be an economy crucified on a cross of gold, symbolizing what happens when you don't have discretionary monetary policy.

Gold standard enthusiasts would be called the Golden Hoard, and just as happened to the Mongols, the ATF would be trying to infiltrate them.

Economists who became hedge-fund managers would be required to join the Banditos.

for comparison to real motorcycle gangs, see here.


  1. You've hit upon a rich vein here, John! Would the Real Business Cyclists be riding Italian sport bikes? Please?

  2. Yes, and you'll notice that I've updated the inflation hawks so that the symbol on their patch is a harpy, same as the Warlocks.


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