News about us!

Here are some of the news stories that have been published about us.  First, from a bookseller's blog:

As you would expect, a quite professional story from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  Turns out my friend John McCartney knows the reporter on this piece, Amy Rolph, from when they worked together at the Everett Herald.  I was a little worried, because after I spoke to her I realized I'd gotten carried away and talked about price transparency, disintermediation (those two are easy) and my somewhat Ricardian interpretation of the theory of rents in relationship to selling books by catalog.  Most reporters would have been confused, but Amy did just fine.  As a former business editor, kudos to her:

A television story in which the reporter is a bit confused about the name of the store, and places a store that is northeast of University Village in the University District, but she's mentioned that the cats need a home, which is already producing results.

The UW Daily focused, I think rightly, on Frank and Chuck, our cats:

The Stranger sort of phoned it in, with a dose of their usual snark, but they were the first up with a story, so they get credit for paying attention: