In Memoriam Marco, the panda cat

 by Jamie Lutton

A few days ago, Twice Sold Tales/Capital Hill lost its shop cat, Marco. He was 15 years old.  He was stunningly cute; looked like a small orca or panda bear. He was white, with big black dots, and a black mask on his eyes.
For 15 years, he put up with small children who wanted to hug him and hundreds of tourists who took his picture.  All he wanted was really regular meals, (he got a little fat) including wet food, and a lap to sit on. If you sat near him, he would move in and bury his face against the chest of the person holding him. Then, would knead his paws against their chest. If you lay on the floor on your stomach, he would jump on your back and pin you down.
He was not a small cat.   He was lucky enough to have good health all his life, until the end, when he got diarrhea that could not be controlled. Despite the best efforts of a very good vet, he slipped away from us Monday, July 16.
When I got him, 15 years ago, the shelter told me that he had dozens and dozens of half siblings who looked just like him. Seems that there was a Tom in the Everett area (where he came from) that fathered a lot of kittens that year. So, out there, in the world, there are lots of Marcos, his nephews and grand nephews and nieces.  I hope that they are in good homes, being as loved as we loved this cat.
We have two other shop cats, and they are as precious as Marco was to us.  But, this cat was special. If you walked near him, he would look at you, and tap one of his paws, saying 'come here and pet me.'
The problem with cats is that they don't live long enough.


  1. Special, indeed. One of the greats has left us.

    At the old location, a very late Friday night was not complete without a Marco encounter. At some point he would wake up and troll the aisles. Many times I heard his little noise--like a burr in his throat--and looked up to see him a few feet away. A quick call of "Marco!" and he would sprint to get some petting.

    He always seemed like he Knew Something Good.

    For years our family code for going book shopping has been "Wanna visit Marco?"

    So hard to accept that he is gone.


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