The Borg Who Walk Among Us

by John MacBeath Watkins

Apparently, the Borg lifestyle comes at several levels of fashion. Here's my new look:

The new cast on my wrist restricts movement more, and has reduced pain. I figure that's got to help the wrist fracture heal.

They took out the sutures from my forearm and gave me a new brace which allows me more movement in my arm. I'm practicing straightening my arm as much as possible and straightening out my fingers. Hurts, but I'm sure it will be worth while since I've got to do that to get my range of motion back. I had to step up the painkillers a little when I started practicing straightening the arm, but I've started to cut back on them again.

Maybe 6 months to get back to boat building. Maybe just a couple to get back to teaching sailing.

And one day, only the metal detectors will be able to identify me as one of the Borg Who Walk Among Us. The evidence of my post-human nature is here:

Update: I now have had my cast removed, and can shower! Still can't use the hand much, lots of healing to do.