The boys have found a home

by John MacBeath Watkins

Lots of you have been asking about Frank and Chuck. We had many people offer to adopt them, and I'm sure they would have been happy with any of them, but the best fit is a nice family in Woodinville.

They live in a large house, do not have other indoor animals currently although until a year ago they had two ancient former shop cats.There's usually someone home, so the boys won't be lonely, and they have a quite nice five-year-old boy who likes the cats.

I've selfishly insisted the boys stay at the shop until the last weekend of the month, so that I won't start missing them until we're closed. Feel free to stop by and visit them while they're still here.


  1. Yay, I'm glad to hear that. I wish I could stop by...

  2. I always enjoy your take on politics and economics, yet this is the closest I've seen to letting us inside the adventure of closing the shop. It's an exciting and scary time, I would think. I'm always running into new friends on Vashon who say, "Twice Sold Tales? The one in the University district? I love that store!"


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