A crow's complaint

By Jamie Lutton

This morning, I was walking to work, and saw almost no crows. I could see  in my first neighborhood, or my second, though I could hear a few cawing in the distance. Then, one swooped by me, as is their practice - flying by me, always approaching me from the back, flying low next to me, then perching above me, to get my attention. This crow stared at me, and I stared at him. I thew down one peanut, as there were pigeons about, and I did not want to feed them.   He silently soared down, ate that one peanut, and I threw him maybe two or three more, careful not to throw near a hovering pigeon. As I turned away, another crow joined us, and I threw that crow a couple of peanuts.
  Peanuts were mostly all I had; I was saving the dog biscuits as I was almost out, and the shop was not open yet, as this was early Sunday morning.  Suddenly, one of the crows came and deposited a strange looking object at my feet. I thought I recognized it, and so I  bent over it and picked it up.
   It was a hunk of chicken and chicken skin, a fairly large one, somewhat worse for wear, a little old.  I recognized it.. I had given them this piece of chicken, and some others, some five days ago. A customer had abandoned the carcass of a chicken, in a takeout container from a grocery store, in my store.. I had tore off meat from it, and fed it to the crows in small pieces, knowing they liked meat a great deal.
    This crow seems to have given me back this chicken scrap to tell me, no, he did not like the nuts so much, he liked meat. And now, this morning, as I type this, it has been half an hour, the crows are not taking the peanuts I put out on my railing. even though a couple have greeted me as I came to the store. The sun is shining and the weather is good, too.
      They had happily eaten peanuts in the past. I guess they think I have an unending supply of that delicious chicken scraps. I guess I am going to have to disappoint them; I am not buying chicken just to feed crows, even when they ask me to, so politely. 


  1. jaime
    nice site
    nice blog
    thanks for taking care of the roses
    the shot in the cat gallery is gorgeous
    share parker (passed bassist for the herbivores, namesake of the main stage at your own hempfest there in seattle and a well-gnown vegan par excellance)had three to four big dogs at their place out on the Cedar, and cooked and shredded by hand at least a pair of chickens a day to keep the big beast properly fed
    because they were dogs
    crows are
    just crows
    archly intelligent
    for birds
    but birds


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