Me and my shadow

By Jamie Lutton.

I dropped by the locksmith a five blocks from my shop today, to talk about renting the side of their shop for a sign for my business (again). Sound Transit decided (again) to take down my tiny sign saying where I had moved, and I noticed a dip in business. I have had many customers tell me that this is the only way they found me again. There is no reason given for this that made any sense.

I could write a great deal about my opinion of this organization, but suffice to say that I think they that they forgot, or never knew, that the business of a city is business, not "projects". The money for "projects" come from businesses like me, as taxpayers came up with the money to build the tunnel in the first place from working at little businesses like mine, all over the country.

Well, I was in the locksmith, when one of the employees said "look". There was a crow on the railing outside, peering in the big front windows; only a few feet away.  I laughed, and said "oh, he must have followed me here."  We all turned and looked at the crow. He stared in at me, fidgeting, as if he was a husband waiting impatiently outside a boutique in a mall. Same kind of vibe.   I kept talking to the locksmiths, and he flew away, but returned in a few minutes to perch upon the railing again, and stare in, walking back and forth.  Very bold.  A big, fat crow.

I finally left, went down the steps, and the crow took off, landing on the roof of the locksmith. I threw him a treat, as I was secretly pleased to have him show off like that. He nabbed it neatly. The guys down at the locksmith are friends of mine; it was fun to watch their reactions. 

I called them back to say I had made some calls about my project, and apologized for the crow. They said it was all right; they would only have been worried at Halloween, say.