Tartar sauce toss

by Jamie Lutton

I dropped by my shop to leave some flyers, and I noticed that there were dog treats on the railing outside. Nick has started to feed the crows, too. I was pleased, and gave Nick more treats to put out.

As I left, I thought that, well, the crows won't follow me today as  I  leave work, they have plenty to occupy themselves. I even stayed and watched a few of them look at the treats, and swoop down and take them away.

However, as I walked towards Broadway, I saw a few of them peel off and follow me. When I passed the alley behind the post office, one flew over my head. So, I ducked down the alley, and looked up.

Suddenly an empty container of tartar sauce, from Dicks Drive in, fell out of the sky and  landed at my feet. A present. I looked up, and I had about seven crows perched on the top of the buildings on both sides of the alley, and on the wires overhead. I said "Thank you" and picked it up, then tossed it into the air, while tossing out a few treats.

The crows took took the treats, after I got a safe distance away.  I was flattered that they wanted to spend time with me, instead of just picking off treats from the railing.

They liked to follow me, I guess. I think they liked that I would throw the treats to them, and make a game out of it.  Another story I heard:

One of my customers today told me that she saw two crows teaching a third how to fly, at a deserted dog park a few days ago. It was windy, and the young crow was having trouble getting aloft; she said that the other two crows stayed with the crow,  nearby, encouraging her to try again and again to get airborne. This lasted nearly an hour, while she watched them.  That was probably her parents.